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Annual Report 2020

Expands minds

Strengthens friendships

Unlocks opportunities

Through the use of the English language
ESU Mission

Founded in 1920, the English-Speaking Union of the United States is a national membership organization with more than 4,000 members organized in 65 Branches across the country. ESU members and volunteers are the pillars of our educational and cultural programs as they work in their local communities to carry the ESU mission forward.

For 100 years, the ESU educational and cultural programs have enriched the lives of American students, teachers, English language learners and ESU members. The English-Speaking Union employs English as a shared language to foster global understanding and goodwill by providing educational and cultural programs for students, educators, English language learners, new immigrants and members

Watch Centenial Video Watch Centenial Video
Chairman's Letter

In the summer of 2019 when all of us were looking forward to the English-Speaking Union’s centennial year ahead, the world could not have looked more different than today. The global pandemic that gripped mankind just a few months later threw a wrench into our plans for a year of celebrations to commemorate the founding of the English-Speaking Union in 1920. And since the ESU’s mission is grounded in human interaction, in people meeting each other face to face and across borders, the future of our educational and cultural-exchange programs – from Branch social activities, to English in Action conversations, to the National Shakespeare Competition, to the learn-abroad scholarships – was uncertain.

And yet, the challenges of the pandemic inspired an unprecedented number of programmatic innovations and initiatives that turned 2019-2020 into a landmark year, a truly centennial year.

I’m delighted, and proud, to present you with this annual report. It is dedicated to all of you – Branches, members, volunteers, teachers, students and staff – who overcame all adversity and made this year so memorable. This annual report shows the impact of your hard work and generosity. Enjoy reading about how the ESU advanced its mission in the turbulent 2019-2020 and please renew your memberships, and if you are not a member yet, join the English-Speaking Union. Attend our events, volunteer, donate to our programs and be part of a fellowship that carries the ESU’s noble mission forward.

Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill CBE

Chairman, The English-Speaking Union of the United States

Annual Conference

The 2019 English-Speaking Union Annual Conference, hosted by the ESU Washington, D.C. Branch, brought members from all over the country to the Nation’s Capital for a weekend of camaraderie and planning for the ESU’s next 100 years. The Cosmos Club, venue for most of the November 1-3 weekend, provided accommodating environs for the sessions and meals. This year’s conference focused on renewed Branch involvement and a new branding initiative in conjunction with planning for the 2020 Centennial celebrations.

Business sessions included a meeting of the National Board of Directors as well as plenary sessions on the Centennial celebrations and an update on the re-branding of the organization undertaken in the spring of 2019. Multiple Branch-led breakout sessions on topics including communication, the National Shakespeare Competition, and fundraising followed the official 2019 English-Speaking Union Annual General Meeting on Sunday, November 3, 2019. Over the course of the weekend, key speakers included: Martyn Tipping, from award-winning marketing and graphic design agency Odgis + Co.; Dr. Natwar Gandhi, former Chief Financial Officer of the District of Columbia; Tess Peters, originally from Oyo State, Nigeria, a life-long learner and business woman with an enthusiasm for education; Colin Davies, retired international education consultant as well as actor and disk jockey; and Allen Packwood, Director of the Churchill Archives Centre.

The conference weekend offered a series of wonderful social events that brought our members closer together and reinforced the ESU’s goal to foster relationships and inspire common bonds – person to person. Attendees were treated to a number of tours, an opening reception at the Cosmos Club hosted by Chairman Amb. Paul Beresford-Hill and President Dr. E. Quinn Peeper, and high tea at the DACOR Bacon House. 

Middle School Debate

In partnership with Claremont McKenna College and launched with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the ESU Middle School Debate Program teaches students in grades 5-8 the fundamentals of argumentation while developing their abstract reasoning and language arts skills through public speaking. It is an adaptation of the parliamentary model of debate for middle school children that is specifically leveled for their development. This enriching experience in civil discourse runs during the academic year and engages nearly 2,300 students in weekly debate activities and Saturday tournaments hosted by participating schools. Serving the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas, the program is unique in that it maximizes the learning and skill-building outcomes through teacher debate-coach and judge training. In 2019-2020, the program organized 18 day-long tournaments and more than 500 volunteers and judges were trained.

English in Action

English in Action (EIA) helps newcomers to the United States to master conversational English and learn about life in the U.S. In addition to giving students the gift of fluency in English, the program fosters cross-cultural exchange by pairing English language learners with volunteer tutors—native English speakers—for one-to-one conversation sessions. A hallmark of the program is its comprehensive tutor training using best practices in cross-cultural learning and leadership development. The tutor training emphasizes work with culturally-diverse populations. 

English in Action adapted to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and continued to provide participants with opportunities to practice English. Tutors and students continued their conversations remotely from the safety of their homes. Weekly emails provided invaluable resources and tips on tutoring remotely. Two weekly group discussions on timely and relevant topics were added to provide additional opportunities to practice English. We continued to provide support to tutors through remote trainings, workshops, and monthly support groups. A sense of community was created as participants met others from across the program thanks to the online format. 

Andrew Romay New
Immigrant Center (ARNIC)

The Andrew Romay New Immigrant Center equips recent immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in the New York metropolitan area with the skills, resources and support they need to integrate fully into American society. This need-based, year-long scholarship program offers English language classes, one-to-one conversation sessions with native English speakers as well as opportunities for professional development and community integration. 

The global health pandemic created both challenges and opportunities. We found new and innovative ways to support and empower ARNIC members. We continued to offer a full range of programs using remote platforms. Some of the highlights from this year included our first virtual Thanksgiving celebration, a panel discussion, Alumni Voices: Stories of Success, and Know Your Rights workshops. We introduced additional weekly group conversation sessions to improve spoken English and mini-intensive classes focusing on new topics, such as the language of food and poetry and art. Throughout the year, we continued to strengthen our community partnerships and grow the ARNIC program.  

I will never forget the first day l went into ARNIC and l felt like a stranger. On my last day, I left feeling like l was leaving my home. You all made the difference. Thank you.

- Student from the Dominican Republic

ARNIC Emergency Relief Fund

$61,000 distributed to 180 students in direct cash assistance during the pandemic

Covid-19 Impact:


How emergency aid helped:

National Shakespeare Competition

The ESU National Shakespeare Competition is a performance-based education program supported by ESU Branches across the country. High school students nationwide read, analyze, perform and recite Shakespearean monologues and sonnets in three qualifying stages: school, ESU Branch and national. In the process, they develop analytical and communication skills, build confidence, and learn to appreciate the power of the spoken word. Since 1983 more than 380,000 students have brought the timeless works of Shakespeare to life.

The 2020 National Shakespeare Competition

Despite the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, the ESU successfully held its 37th National Shakespeare Competition. Embodying the premise that the “show must go on,” the ESU celebrated its 100th anniversary by employing available technology to produce a digital competition.

Virtual finals were organized using texting, online meetings and YouTube.  The 50 finalists were asked to upload a video of their performance. Distinguished judges, located remotely, reviewed the submissions and selected the winner and two runners-up. 

  • Ava Blum won the first prize. A student at Georgetown Day School, Ava ably represented the ESU Washington, D.C. Branch. Ava performed as Julia from Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona and recited “Sonnet 116” in the final round of the competition.
  • Ava’s teacher, James Mahady, received the inaugural Teacher Recognition Award of $1000.
  • Runner-up Adam Wilson, from St. Anne’s-Belfield School, proudly represented the ESU Charlottesville Branch.  
  • Jordyn Jenkins, from the Youth Performing Arts School and the ESU Kentucky Branch placed third in the competition.
Teachers Learning Abroad (TLab)

Each summer, through the generosity and dedication of ESU Branches, numerous scholarships are awarded to teachers nationwide. The ESU Teachers Learning Abroad (TLab) Scholarship Program provides middle and high school teachers scholarships to continue their education at prestigious centers of higher learning in the United Kingdom for 2 - 6 weeks.  

The ESU continued to work closely with Oxford, Edinburgh, and the Globe throughout the pandemic to strengthen our partnerships and to ensure the educators who were awarded TLab 2020 scholarships, and not able to attend due to Covid, are able to utilize them in the summer of 2021 or 2022. We explored other digital options to keep the program fresh by providing new opportunities for professional development, such as The Globe’s Anti-Racist Shakespeare Workshop in December 2020. In the future, the ESU is committed to introducing and continuing to provide more remote offerings throughout the year to promote the TLab program and engage educators.


Teachers Learning Abroad courses:

University of Edinburgh

  • Text and Context: Modernism, Scottish Literature, and Contemporary Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Contemporary British and Irish Theatre and Performance

Oxford University

  • English Literature
  • History, Politics, and Society
  • Creative Writing
  • International Politics

Shakespeare’s Globe

  • Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance
Travel and Learn Abroad (TLab for Lifelong Learners)

The TLab for Lifelong Learners Program opens up to ESU Branch members the international, educational, and cultural opportunities previously only available to our middle and high school teachers. These popular, one-week ESU programs in the United Kingdom provide the opportunity to live and learn with like-minded souls. Lectures by renowned scholars, behind-the scenes tours, access to archives not open to the public, and the company of intellectually-curious, worldly, and adventurous fellow travelers power the meaningful enrichment and insider perspectives offered by the ESU Travel and Learn Abroad for Lifelong Learners program. Past trips have included Dicken’s London and Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon. 

Travel and Learn Abroad Courses for Lifelong Learners:

Shakespeare birthplace trust/Stratford-upon-Avon

  • From Page to Stage: Text and Theater and Performance
Secondary School Exchange Scholarship (SSE)

The ESU Secondary School Exchange Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that provides tuition, room, and board for US and UK students to spend a semester or year (gap year) abroad between high school and college. Since its inception in 1928, the SSE Scholarship program has allowed thousands of students to expand their horizons academically and culturally by studying at secondary schools in the US and UK. The oldest of all our educational programs, the SSE is at the heart of the ESU mission to use the English language to foster global understanding and good will through cultural and educational exchanges. Through this experience, students gain maturity, independence, and global perspectives that benefit them in college and in their future careers.

The experience I had at Giggleswick School was an amazing one where I met some of my closest friends and learned a lot about different cultures during my travels. At Gigg, I was immediately accepted into their family and they really made it feel like home. When I had to come home early due to the global pandemic I was heartbroken about missing the rest of the year. At home I would not stop talking about my experiences abroad, and it inspired my younger brother to apply for the upcoming year.

Matthew McChesney, 2019-2020 SSE Scholar

Luard Morse Scholarships

The ESU Luard Morse Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that provides up to $25,000 towards a semester of study at a British university. The scholarship is available only to American students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities and universities in the United States. The ESU Luard Morse Scholarship is open to students in all disciplines and has been awarded to students majoring in economics, philosophy, finance, mathematics, and liberal arts and the sciences. Since the inaugural 1969-1970 academic year, 85 exceptional students have been awarded this distinction through a rigorous and competitive selection process. A recent Luard Morse scholar, McKenzie Clarke is an English Major at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. She is looking forward to studying at Goldsmiths, University of London, in the fall of 2021.

Despite my time at King’s College London being cut short due to Covid, it was truly one of the greatest and most influential times of my life . . . I was even lucky enough to visit Oxford University on multiple occasions when visiting my other ESU Luard Morse Scholar, Janelle Green. 

Artimus Cunningham

2019/2020 Luard Morse Scholar, Kings College London

2020 Consolidated Financial Report

Condensed Statement of Activities

July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020

This fiscal year 2020 financial presentation is the audited financial report of the consolidated ESU, including all 65 branches and national operations. FY2020 was an unusual year due to the impact of COVID-19 on programs and operations.

Investment Income allocated to Operations 
Branch Events & Meetings
Speakers & Conferences 
Other Revenue
Total Operating Revenue
Non-Operating Revenue
Total Revenue
Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Program Services
Immigrant & Education Programs
Branch Events & Meetings & Communications
Membership and Branch Services
Speakers & Conferences
Total Program Expenses
$ 1,769,330
Supporting Services
Management & General
Depreciation & Amortization
Total Program Expenses
Total Expenses
Assets as of 6.30.2020
Cash and cash equivalents 
Investments held by National, at fair value
Investments held by Branches, at fair value
Headquarter’s building
Total Assets

* includes: certificates of deposit, accounts receivable, prepaid expenses and other assets, and office equipment (net of accumulated depreciation)

Liabilities & Net Assets
Liabilities and Net Assets
Accounts payable and accrued expenses
Paycheck Protection Program Loan payable
Capital lease payable
Total Liabilities
Net Assets
Without Donor Restriction
Investments in HQ building & equipment
Board designated
Total Net Assets w/o restriction
With donor restriction
Time and purpose restricted
Perpetual in nature
Total Net Assets w/ restriction
Total Liabilities & Net Assets
With Thanks to Our Donors

July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020

* Individuals who generously participated in the English-Speaking Union National Patron Program profiding unrestricted operating support to the ESU and its Branches.

Leadership Circle

$100,000 or more

Marietta and Andrew Romay Foundation

The Marken Family Trust

Visionaries' Society

$20,000 - $99,999

ESU Central Florida Branch

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley DeForest Scott*

Walter Hines Page Society

$10,000 - $19,999

Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill, CBE

Mr. Donald A. Best*

ESU Kentucky Branch

Dr. Laurence C. Morse and Ms. Pamela McKoin*

ESU New Orleans Branch

Dr. E. Quinn Peeper & Mr. Michael D. Harold*

ESU Providence Branch

Mr. Bruce E. Thompson

Westminster People, LTD.

National Fellows

$5,000 - $9,999

Axe-Houghton Foundation

Dr. Loveday Conquest and Mr. Fred Kleinschmidt*

Henry E. Niles Foundation

The Hyde and Watson Foundation

Temple Emanu-El

Dr. Julia Churchill Van de Water*

Chairman's Circle

$2,500 - $4,999

Dr. Cheryl Albuquerque*

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brenneke

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart B. Clifford/The Woolley Clifford Foundation*

Guardian Financial

Ms. Julia Hansen*

The James S. and Louise B. Rimbaugh Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward

The Jesse & Dorothy Hartman Foundation  

Mr. David Martinelli*

Mr. Darryl R. McCormick*

Mrs. Bettie M. Miller/Betty Rossell McGowin Charitable Trust*  

Mrs. Gloria Early Norris*

Mr. Nathan M. Perlmutter/Forest Hills Financial Group  

PNC Foundation  

Dr. and Mrs. George W. Ray III*

Richard D. Donchian Foundation  

Ms. Sally Richards*

Mr. Jeffrey L. Schnabel*

Dr. Susan Robin Sinclair*

Mr. Noel Sloan*

Mr. and Mrs. Cortright Wetherill*

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Wyndrum*

Vice Chairman’s Circle

$1,500 - $2,499

Bradley E. Bodager, Esq.*

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. Cowan, FRAES*

ESU Denver Branch

Mr. Steve Haedicke and Dr. Janet V. Haedicke*  

Mrs. Barbara W. Hughes*

Mr. Duncan Karcher*

Judge James W. Kerr, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick London*

Mr. William B. Maschmeier*

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet Muse*

Dr. Manning M. Pattillo, Jr. PhD*

Mr. Davidson A. Perry-Miller*

Mr. John J. Raffaeli, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Reaves*

Mr. Marc Stern and Ms. Kimberly Yellin-Stern

President's Circle

$1,000 - $1,499

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bell III*

Dr. Karen Blair-Brand*

Dr. James B. Broadhurst*

Mrs. Christine M. Brown*

Mr. Charles E. Clapp III

Ms. Cynthia Fields and Mr. Lawrence Fields

Mr. Timothy L. Fields and Mr. Chris Bergeaux*

Mr. William C. Fuller, Jr.

Mrs. Maxfield S. Gibbons*

Dr. Jerry Huff*

Mr. Duane L. Hughes

Mr. Thomas H. Huss 

Mrs. Betty T. Johnston*

Ms. Marissa D. Scott-Torres

Starr Companies  

Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Kelberg  

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Koenig*

Mrs. Dorothy Letts*

Mrs. Donna M. Miller*

Mr. C. Braxton Moncure*

Ms. Dorinda J. Oliver*

Mrs. Mary Alice Phelan 

Mr. Lee Pollock*

Mrs. Natalie Pray/Malcolm S. Pray, Jr. Foundation, Inc.*

Dr. Jill Toliver Richardson*

Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Rosato*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smarg*

Dr. Suzy M. Wakefield and Mr. Jay S. Wakefield*

Mrs. Lucille T. Whitley*

Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop/The Lion and Hare Fund at the New York Community Trust  

Mrs. Patricia A. Woods*

National Sustainer

$750 - $999

Miss Barbara M. Deacon*

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gentry*

Mr. Karl D. Jackson

Ms. Marjorie L. Kennedy*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Maddrey*

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. McLure*

Ms. Patricia Ann Moore*

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Schlesinger*

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Williams 

National Sponsor

$500 - $749

Mr. Ronald H. Blumer  

Mr. Leandro Borello and
Ms. Christine Duvert*

Ms. Elizabeth Brothers*

Mrs. Pamela Bushing ‡*

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Caruth III*

Mr. and Mrs. Jean Paul Elard*

Ms. Elizabeth R. Etoll*

Dr. Robert M. Franklin  

Dr. and Mrs. Albert C. Gordon*

Mrs. Susan E. Thurston Grathwohl/Thurston Charitable Foundation*

Ms. Nicole A. Halbreiner*

Mr. O. Delton Harrison, Jr. ‡*

Mr. and Mrs. George Hillard III*

Rev. and Mrs. Ernest E. Hunt*

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Jardine*

Ms. Katherine Jones*

Ms. Karen Karpowich and Mr. Ian Calderon*

Szerlip & Company, Inc.  

Ms. Michiko Kuwauchi  

Dr. Elaine Leventhal/The Howard & Elaine Leventhal Charitable Trust  

Mr. Mark Bennett Levine and
Mr. John H. Keppeler*

Mr. John T. Magill*

Dr. and Mrs. John Malloy*

Dr. Thomas A. Mason and Ms. Christine H. Guyonneau*

Ms. Cristina Mieli  

Mrs. Leslie H. Newman  

Mr. Gary S. Oaks*

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Parsons*

Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Pattillo*

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roberson*

Mr. Robert W. Robinson  

Mrs. John Robinson*

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roxe/The Roxe Foundation*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Royce*

Mr. Whitney G. Saunders  

Ms. Julie H. Sprague*

Mr. Jeffrey Tennant and Mr. Bruce L. Smith*

Mr. John Michael Thornton and Ms. Donna Altieri*

Mrs. Frederick W. Toohey*

Rev. Schuyler Vogel and Ms. Kristen Michaelson  

Mr. and Mrs. J. Otey Walker III*

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Webster*

Dr. Peter D. Weigl  

Mr. and Mrs. James Wesner*

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Woollam*

National Donor

$300 - $499

Mr. Robert Amott and Ms. Janice Flanagan*

Ms. Marian Bach  

Ms. Geraldine Backer*

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Baring*

Mrs. Ruth A. Barker*

Ms. Sylvia Barnard*

Mr. and Mrs. William Bliss*

Dr. Claire Boasi*

Mr. Paul T. Boghosian*

Ms. Sandra Boyd and Mr. Fred Turner*

Mr. and Mrs. Bryant W. Bozarth*

Ms. Virginia Brody*

Mr. Geoff Brosky and Dr. Susan M. Krischunis*

Dr. Gregory William Buck  

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bukovac*

Mrs. Bruce Burton*

Ms. Elizabeth Anne Buzzell, FRSA, ASA (Ret.)*

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Carter*

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Caruso*

Mr. Matthew E. Cheek*

Ms. Rickey Chick and Mr. Kyle Marquerdt*

Mrs. Alice G. Childs*

Mrs. Jackson L. Clagett III*

Mrs. Elizabeth Clarke*

Ms. Victoria Clarke-Payton*

Dr. James B. Congleton III*

Mrs. Mary Ann Conn-Brody*

Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Cox*

Dr. Rennie W. Culver*

Mr. and Mrs. James Knott Cushing  

Ms. Leslie P. Daisy*

Dr. Warner Brent Day*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeFer*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Demarco*

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dendy*

Ms. Alta Devivo*

Ms. Susan DeWolfe*

Ms. Ruth V. Doreck ‡ *

Mrs. Sarah B. Dunbar*

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Dupin*

Mr. Warren Edwards*

Mr. Tony Elms and Ms. Joyce Reehling*

Ms. Susan A. Estabrook*

Dr. and Mrs. James P. Fadely*

Mr. Peter D. Farnham and Ms. Barbara Walker*

Mrs. Sallie Van Pelt Feild*

Ms. Susan M. Ferris*

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Fox*

Mrs. Linn Ginsler and Mr. Greg Northcutt*

Dr. and Mrs. John L. Gordon, Jr.*

Dr. Deloris Grant*

Mr. and Mrs. F. David Grissett*

Mr. J. Fredrick Guess*

Mr. Robert H. Gunn, Jr.*

Mr. Kevin Hanratty*

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Harrington*

Ms. Joy Harris*

Ms. Sandra Harvey*

Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt R. Haskell*

Mr. Paul Henry and Mr. Juan Castaneida-Merced*

Ms. Lynne Hesse  

Mrs. Bobbie Cates Hicks*

Ms. Karlee Hilliard*

Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Horner*

Mr. Pace Taylor Huff*

Mr. Marshall C. Hunt, Jr.*

Dr. and Mrs. Dentcho Ivanov*

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Jeffries*

Mr. Allan D. Jergesen*

Mrs. Anne Jones*

Mr. William J.D. Jordan*

Ms. Marjorie T. Julian*

Mr. H. James Keats, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Kelley*

Ms. Judith King*

Ms. Annette S. Kirby*

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kniffen III*

Dr. Maria Kontoyianni*

Mrs. Gene S. Kosich*

Mrs. John Peter Labouisse*

Mr. James T. Lang, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Lausch*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Leak*

Mr. and Mrs. H. Pettus LeCompte*

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon B. LeGrand*

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Deane Leonard*

Mr. Keith W. Lerch*

Mrs. Kathryn Lerch*

Ms. Yvonne R. Leveque* 

Ms. Hilda Lewis*

Mrs. Babbie Lovett*

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Maddox*

Mrs. Ruth M. Mader*

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Martin*

Dr. Heather Bonnie McCabe*

Dr. Renee McEldowney*

Mrs. Patricia Aycock Mertz*

Mrs. Vassar Mills*

Mr. Gregory Morey and Mr. Scott James*

Mrs. Jean Morris*

Mrs. Dulcie Bull and Mrs. Clive Muncaster*

The Honorable & Mrs. G. Paul Nardo*

Ms. Susan M. Nelsen*

Mr. and Mrs. Rick C. Normand*

Mrs. Meredith Oates*

Ms. A. B. Orthwein*

Mrs. Mary Perkins  

Mrs. Ingrid Philbrick*

Mrs. Jean Bruce Poole*

Mr. Jonathan D. Rabinowitz*

Mrs. Barbara Rigby*

Mr. and Mrs. William Robards*

Mr. Ryan Ruskin and Mr. Michael Andrews*

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schulhoff*

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic W.Schwartz, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Schweller*

Mr. and Mrs. Terrance A. Secker*

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sevier*

Mr. Taylor Sharpe*

Mr. Dick Sias*

Mrs. Suzanne Silvester*

Mr. and Mrs. George Smuga*

Dr. Carol Spalding and Dr. Francis Koster*

Mrs. Shirley P. Spears*

Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Stahel*

Mr. and Mrs. R. Curtis Steele*

Ms. Patricia F. Strachan*

Mr. and Mrs. Sainsbury L. Strack*

Drs. Austin and Jane Sumner*

Mr. George W. Taliaferro, Jr.  

Ms. Dorothea Theodore ‡ *

Ms. Eleanor Theodore ‡ *

Mr. Gifford Thomas*

Dr. Louise Valine*

Ms. JoAnn Wallace*

Mr. William F. Wallace*

Katherine K. Walls*

Mrs. Annette Weinstein*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Whedbee*

Dr. Michael Wheelis*

Ms. Sarah L. Williams*

Dr. and Mrs. Henry P. Williams III*

Prof. Elaine Orr Wise*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Wolfe*

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Worthington  


$100 - $299

Abbot and Dorothy H. Stevens Foundation  

Mrs. Anne Abbott  

Ms. Marina Adams  

Mr. James B. Armstrong  

Mr. Stephen P. Bartlett  

Ms. Johnna G. Barto  

Mr. Robert Bauchner  

Mr. George W. Beatty  

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Bennett III  

Mr. Rami Blair  

Mr. and Mrs. Dieter Blennemann  

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Blum  

Ms. Martha Blumberg  

Dr. Nancy R. Bogen  

Mr. Guy A. Bramble  

Mr. Peter W. Broer  

Mrs. Josephine T. Brown  

Ms. Elisse Brunori  

Ms. Catherine S. Buffett  

Mr. James L. Buttenwieser  

Mr. David L. Calfee  

Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Capen  

Mrs. Thomas Hal Clarke  

Mr. David Click  

Mr. Piers A. Connell  

Dr. Sam J. Cox, III  

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Crocker  

Mr. Christopher J. Cull  

Ms. Ellen B. Cutler and Mr. Daniel Tamkus  

The Iva and Jerome Preston Charitable Trust  

Mr. Brian Decker  

Ms. Maria del Mar Gonzalez  

Ms. Nancy L. Dempsey  

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dickey  

Mr. Guy B. Dixon  

Mr. James M. Donohue  

Miss Catharine-Mary Donovan  

Ms. Saran Doumbouya  

Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Drimer  

Ms. Virginia Obrecht Dulworth  

Mr. Peter B. Elliott  

Mr. Tony Elms and Ms. Joyce Reehling  

Mr. Henry Epstein and Ms. Judith Lewis - In memory of Betty Unger

Mr. Dan H. Fenn, Jr.  

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ferguson  

Mr. Robert Peter Fichter  

Ms. Dorothy Fiedler  

Mr. Ronald Lee Fleming  

Mr. Simon J. Frankel  

Ms. Carol Futterman  

Mr. and Mrs. John A.Y. Geater  

Ms. Sarah D. Gillespie  

Ms. Kathy Goforth  

Mr. W. Langley Granbery, Jr.  

Mr. Dan M. Griffith IV ‡ 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Grubbs  

Ms. June Hajjar  

Dr. Warren G. Hall  

Mr. Wilson Hallett  

Mr. Jeffery L. Hedges  

Ms. Debbie Hill  

Mr. Paul Hoffman  

Mr. John W. R. Jenkins  

Mr. Robert L. Johnston  

Dr. and Mrs. Sam Kad  

Mr. Brian Keeley  

Mr. James E. Kelley  

Mr. Timothy E. Kelley  

The Kerr Foundation, Inc.  

Mr. Toby Khan  

Ms. Katherine Koltai  

Ms. Barbara Kronman  

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lewis  

Mr. Richard B. Lightfoot  

Mr. Jonathan S. Linker  

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Loomis  

Mr. Henry S. Lynn, Jr.  

Dr. Peter B. Lyon  

Mr. Matthew McChesney  

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard McElhone  

Mr. Francis W. McMillan  

Mrs. Patricia Meixner  

Ms. Sharon R. Merriman  

Ms. Concetta Miller  

Ms. Tuiana Mitakhinova  

Mr. Peter J. Mosse  

Mr. Adam Nathan  

Ms. Donna Northcott  

Mr. Nyi Nyi  

Ms. Margaret J. O’Brien and Mr. Robert J. Langone  

Mr. Daniel O’Day  

Ms. Karen Oestreicher  

Mr. William H. Painter  

Mrs. Delphine M. Peck  

Ms. Nicole Picon  

Pledgeling Foundation  

Mr. Anthony C.E. Quainton  

Mr. Robert Redfield  

Ms. Cheryl Rehwinkle  

Mr. Christopher W. Rogers  

Mr. James F. Rogers  

Mr. and Ms. John C. Ross  

Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Robyn Ross  

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Rowland  

Ms. Angela Rubin  

Mr. Demetriouse L. Russell  

Mr. Marshall Rutter and Ms. Terry S. Knowles  

Mr. William K. Sacco  

Mr. Thomas F. Schiavoni  

Ms. Christina Schoeler-Fischer  

Mr. Robert W. Schramke and Ms. Betty R. Carter  

Mr. Christopher T. Seaver  

Mr. Robert B. Semple, Jr.  

Mr. Craig H. Shaver  

Mr. Adam D. Shepard  

Mr. Bejan Shirvani  

Mr. Albert G. Simms  

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Simons  

Mr. James Smit, M.D.  

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Smith  

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Smith  

Mr. James E. Spencer  

Ms. Kristin Stewart  

Mr. and Mrs. John Strawbridge  

Ms. Fay Inman Taylor  

Mr. Eugene T. Thomas  

Mr. Radclyffe F. Thompson  

Ms. Wilmetta Jesvalynn Toliver-Diallo  

Dr. Francis D. Tuggle  

Mr. Robert Unger and Ms. Pamela Singer - In memory of Betty Unger

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Van Horn  

Mr. John C. Vaughey  

Ms. Lynn Warshow  

Mr. Somerset R. Waters III  

Ms. Dorene Watkins  

J. W. Thompson Webb, Esq.  

Ms. Sarah Elliston Weiner  

Ambassador and Mrs. Robert Weisberg  

Mr. Seth W. Whitaker  

Ms. Angela R. I. Wilkins and Mr. Stephen Francis  

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Wilson  

Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Dana Yanaway 


Less than $100

Mr. John W. Ager III  

Ms. Susan Alter  

Mr. Adebajo Amusa  

Mr. Paul J. Barringer  

Ms. Nancy Beres  

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bivetto  

Mrs. Tucker Blaine  

Mrs. Brenda Block  

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Brannen  

Ms. Emily Brasher  

Mr. David B. Brawer  

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Brooks  

Mr. Richard Cahn  

Ms. Luzia Castaneda  

Ms. Ann Cerrone  

Ms. Allison Cheffer  

Mr. Nicholas Clarke  

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Cohen  

Mr. and Mrs. W. Graham Cole  

Prof. Bud Coleman  

Ms. Joyce Galbraith Colony  

Mr. and Mrs. H. Calvin Cook  

Ms. Jane Cooper  

Ms. Nancy Danzer  

Mr. John C. Diamante  

Ms. Virginia Donnelly  

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dotterer  

Ms. Ekaterina Emelianova  

Ms. Dianne E. Emmick  

Mr. John W. Ewell  

Ms. Phyllis Feinberg  

Mr. Joseph Feldman  

Ms. Trina Ferrigno  

Ms. Eleanor Fink  

Mr. and Mrs. Audrey J. Foley  

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Foraker  

Ms. Sofie D. Franzen-Moyle  

Mr. Michael George Freer  

Ms. Sarah S. Garlington  

Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Girling  

Mr. Matthew Goldstein  

Mrs. Knox M. Goodman  

Ms. Carrie Hall  

Mr. Lawrence Hauptman  

Ralph H. Henderson  

Mr. Timothy E. Hollaman  

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Howden  

Ms. Christine Hsu  

Mr. Francis Jacobs II  

Mr. Miles Hutton Jacoby  

Mrs. Candice Johnson  

Mr. T. Paul Kane  

Mrs. Nancy Karapin  

Mr. Leo Kayser III  

Mrs. Mary Keevil  

Ms. Julie M. Ketterer  

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Klein  

Dr. John Michael Kosterlitz  

Ms. Jane Landis  

Miss Liya Lekvinadze  

Mr. Donald C. Lucas  

Ms. Diana Mackie  

Ms. Susan Mandell  

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Marasso, Jr.  

Ms. Laura Marks  

Dr. J. Kenneth McDonald  

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. McGowan  

Ms. Katherine A. McIntyre  

Mr. Easton T. McMahon  

Dr. Christopher Medalis and Mr. Boyan Konstantinov  

Ms. Laura B. Millar  

Ms. Melissa Mishoe  

Mr. Ahmadreza Mohammadali  

Ms. Kathryn Morrisett  

Mrs. Nataliya Moskalenko  

Ms. Elena Tompkins Mucciarone  

Mr. Jean-Pierre Mvouanga  

Mr. Clarke F. O’Reilly, Jr.  

Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson  

Ms. Patsy K. Pettus  

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program  

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Piper  

Mrs. Patricia Ratliff  

Ms. Joan Reese  

Dr. Ilan Riss  

Mrs. Gloria A. Roberts ‡ 

Mrs. James B. Rutland  

Ms. Jean Saklad  

Ms. Martha Salper  

Mr. William R. Sanders  

Ms. Diane Sandquist  

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sapp  

Ms. Beata Newman Scarpulla  

Ms. Kathryne Schipf  

Ms. Ann Schneider  

Mr. Jason Shaw  

Mrs. Karin P. Shikiar  

Ms. Bonnie Singer  

Mrs. Sarah Stephenson  

Mr. Frederick Stephenson and Ms. Vivian Frank  

Dr. and Mrs. Owen Tabor  

Mr. Thomas W. Toch  

Mr. John M. Trask  

Ms. Carole Walton  

Mrs. Sue Ann Weinberg/John L. and Sue Ann Weinberg Foundation  

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Weiser  

Ms. Carol Whayne  

Mr. Charles Whitehead Felsted  

Ms. Janeth Whiting  

Mrs. Linda DeFoor Wickham  

Ms. Mary Katherine Williston  

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wilson  

Ms. Boyoung Woo  

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